Saturday, November 25, 2006

Joanna Newsom live @ Headliners (Louisville, KY-Nov 24th, 2006)- 9.4

Ys has to be one of the front runners for my best of 2006 albums and seeing Newsom live only heightened my admiration for her beautiful music. First off, she is now tied with Eleanor Friedberger for the number one position on my "marry on the spot list" an honor she is proud to accept. She started off with some old songs and with a smile said, "Now I would like to play you my new album." The whole album you may ask yourself? Yes. Well, kind of. She played the first four tracks if her album with her back-up band until the crowd was restless, her monitor was on the fritz, and she stood up and said, thank you....and walked out on my life. The show was simply amazing and no words can do it justice. If she happens to stroll into your city get your hands on a ticket and have your jaw drop to the floor.

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