Monday, August 20, 2007

Hills Week 3 Scores and Update

Nothing happened on this weeks show, so it was a success. Here are the top five idiots:

1.) Spencer - With buying an arcade game instead of furniture...and the following quotes:

"I always thought marriage was give her half the money and she'll cook for you"

and my favorite...after seeing Heidi white wash his graffiti:

"This is what you do after I surprise you with a beautiful mural" (It says Hollywood)

2.) Justin aka Bobby

This guy is a douche. After being an idiot he uses this line on why he should stay with his girlfriend:

"I think truth and time tell all..."

3.) Heidi's Co-Worker

She had a half a min of screentime and still nabbed the three spot with using the Internet talk:
"OMG" after hearing about Heidi's engagement.

4.) Audrina

Just for dating Justin "Bobby"

5.) Heidi

In a bitch move, she paints over Spencer's masterpiece without asking him...this was the drama that closed the show...yeah, that's right, we're at war...but painting takes center stage.


NICK - 5PTS (Spencer)

ZACH-4PTS (Justin "Bobby")

NOELLE -0PTS (Whitney)

CORY-0PTS (Brody)


Anyone at any point can join in the race.

By Zach Hart with 3 comments


I should've put my money on Micheal Vick.

Can I pick Spencer every week...or is it a one and done?

Anyone can pick anyone every week. Six people could pick Spencer and if he wins...then they get the points. The Key here is staying in the top points.