Monday, December 11, 2006

MESTIZO Live @ Random Bar (Buenos Aires, Argentina Dec 8th, 2006 )-9.0

My cousin and I walk into a local bar to drink a few cold ones and we are struck by bad rock and roll strumming accompanied by sad lyrics. We look at the band, I turn to my cousin, laugh, and say: "That guitar player is trying hard to look like Edge from U2." We pay for the drinks and sit at the bar ignoring the band. The song ends, the small crowd claps and then like a beam of light cast through the clouds....(cymbal, strum, bass hit) THEY START PLAYING U2's a "Beautiful Day." They were a U2 cover band and it was great. They even try to save the world on the side. I give the show a -1 for the music and a 10 for the spectacle and how serious the band was about playing U2's songs note for note, and doing their moves fist pump for fist pump. They were playing at a small local bar about a twenty minute walk from our Hotel, nothing big, but after research, they sell out stadiums and parks across the world. Enjoy:

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