Friday, January 26, 2007

Sorry MTV, you hear it HERE first


If heaven is anything like this album then I'll wait in line. The much anticipated sophomore album is a great departure from Funeral and serves as a reasonable response to why beer costs five bucks at an indie rock concert. The album was recorded in a church outside Montreal and features contributions from Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett, Calexico's Martin Wenk and Jacob Valenzuela and Wolf Parade's Hadjii Bakara. Wow. The best track on the album is "No Cars Go." A track that I don't expect the likes of Pitchfork to praise but it does everything for me except my laundry. Anyone who is anybody has been "bumping" the leaked tracks "Intervention" and "Black Mirror" and unlike some bands, The Arcade Fire doesn't hide behind those two tracks. The album is a journey. Yes, a slow hike through beautiful lyrics and an orchestra of sounds. I usually give an album at least 24 hours before a review and by rule only give classics over a nine rating, but after hearing this had to be blogged upon. Arcade've been blogged....but you got the last punch face is officially melted. Thank you.

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