Monday, August 20, 2007


Hey all. Tonight is the greatest manufactured drama of all time, MTV's The Hills. I love this show because it makes me feel good about my life. I'm starting a Hill's Fantasy League where each week you can pick one member of the cast and based on drama, supporting the superficial world of the hills, and originality the three cast members will be ranked 1-5th. The points go 5-1 for their ending positions as ranked by myself. At the end of the season the numbers will be added up and a winner will get the ultimate prize: to never mention they won, ever. So post a comment and tell me you pick for the week. This closes every Monday, 10Et/9Ct.

By Zach Hart with 2 comments


My pick for episode three is:

Justin aka Bobby

Anybody who goes by Bobby and their real name is Justin...and is offended when people call him Justin...we'll...they're a safe bet to stand up to the standards of The Hills.