Saturday, July 07, 2007


Pitchfork's music festival is next weekend and unlike last year, the third stage (tent) has some great acts. The great thing about Pitchfork is you can bounce back and forth from the two main stages and get good placement. The third runs between the two so in order to catch an act in the tent you have to miss one of the main stage acts. Here are my head scratchers:


Grizzly Bear vs Beach House

I'm not sure why Beach House is in the tent. I would usually pick Beach House but Battles goes on after them on one of the main stages and it would be tricky to get good placement. I want to see both of these bands...I'm leaning toward Beach House...but....ahhhh!

Clipse vs Dan Deacon

I'm a huge Clipse fan so I'm probably not going to miss his set...but Deacon's new album is pretty spectacular and one of those I need to see how he pulls this off live ones. Albums like that are a huge risk but the reward can be amazing (i.e. Fiery Furnaces remixing the entire Blueberry Boat album at the Echo).


Menomena vs Brightblack Morning Light

I'm leaning toward BML but this one is a coin toss.

The New Pornographers vs Klaxons

This is tricky b/c TNP go on thirty mins before the Klaxons...but the tent fills up fast and The Field is playing before them so a lot of people will just stay. I've head TNP are really good live but the Klaxons are one of the bands, like Battles, that I'm dying to see live. This is the big decision!

Help me make the right choice, I trust in you.

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For $93.00 I will sell you a time machine that will allow you to see all the shows you want.


The time machine does not work. Your dependance on it is boneheaded.