Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rep on The Line

I have a lot of fun making ridiculous claims about box office projections. I'm usually always right, hold that 100 million dollar projection for Snakes on the Plane. Well, continuing with these wild predictions, I'm going to say that Superbad will gross over 50 million in it's first weekend. That's right, it's an R rated high school comedy that 3/4 of high schooler's can't purchase a ticket too. Yeah, Bourne, Rush Hour 3, and the Simpsons are still popular choices and should take away from the take. Yes, Kidman's The Invasion should gross high in it's first weekend. Yes, a slue of highly rated indies for adults (Death at a Funeral and Rocket Science) go nation wide this weekend. Yes, Superbad is projected at 25.5-30 million. With all this said, I know the trends, the buzz, the reviews, that certain something in the air that puts all these facts to rest. Check the papers on Monday....over 50 million! Each week I'm going to try to do the top 5 here is how I see it:

1. Superbad - 53.5

2. The Invasion - 22.5

3. Rush Hour 3 - 17.2

4.) Bourne - 16.9

5.) Stardust - 7 flat

I'm looking at these numbers as I write them and I'm probably way off. What can you do....come on superbad....break the bank.

By Zach Hart with No comments