Friday, December 15, 2006


I simply can’t state how great a tragedy this film is. It is the best movie of the year. My personal favorite is Little Miss Sunshine, but the greatest achievement in filmmaking this year is Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto by leaps and bounds. So, why is it a tragedy? If Mr. Gibson had not been a complete ass this film would be getting the all so important Oscar talks it deserves. Awards aside, this film is a piece of art that I would cement as an all time classic. Not since Kurosawa has a director presented such an epic story where the smallest pieces of the narrative have been magnified to create a unique world that literally transports the audience to that time period and setting. A friend proposed that Apocalypto is a high-octane action thrill ride with the sensibility of an art house flick. Everything from the acting, camera moves (some that I’ve never seen used in film before), and Mr. Gibson’s directing is nothing short of perfection. I’ve talked to people who refuse to watch this movie because of his drunken slurs…please if you are one of these people, go see the movie in theaters, not on a small television screen off of Netflix. Do it for the sake of great cinema, you will not be disappointed.

By Zach Hart with No comments