Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Best Album of 2007?

Silverchair - Young Modern 9.4

Does the band Silverchair sound familiar? They were that mediocre 90's grunge band from Australia that had a few hits...end of story? No, no, no. I woke up, put on my pants, and downloaded this masterpiece of an album. The first track, "Young Modern Station" makes a case for a new Silverchair album...they can adapt to this new hip world of Wolves and Mouse bands. They play it safe with a catchy very tight pants and pink hoodie indie jam. Then the highlight of the album, "If You Keep Losing Sleep" sideswipes expectation and sends this album into a 9.0 and up rating. The song starts with a military drum roll, followed by corky hums, and then hits with unthinkable off and on organ hits...everything a music fan could want. One of my favorite things in music is when you can tell a singer is passionate, cocky, and just sells the lyrics...all these things highlighted by the band. Not sure when the release date will be but pick this one up.

By Zach Hart with No comments